Saturday, November 29, 2008

Help me name my Dotee.

I left the opening in the wrong spot,boy it was hard to pull her right side out!

I finally made my 1st Dotee doll...she's not perfect but I did learn a lot from making her and hope to do better next time, I love her anyway.I didn't have the right material for her face so I used what I had. I do need a name for her if you wanna help me name her, leave your suggestion in the comments and if I choose your name I'll send you a present. Not sure what yet...I might give you some choices and let you choose. If you'd like to meet the lady who brought us the dotee doll then click here.
Her tail needs to be tighter to her body.

I've also been making some gift tags. I thought I'd share them also....

This is my favorite, i found this tag on my closet floor, I really need to straighten up the closet. I ripped up an old Christmas card and used some tissue paper and this was the end result....I think I'll keep this one!

These are going to a swap partner from I think they are cute with there little Christmas characters.The blue one on the far left has a wreath on it, it's hard to see. The blue one at the far right has a puppy and kitten sleeping together.

These are 2 little simple one with poems on them.
I made these for my daughter, they have her inital on the black side of 3 of them. There's 3 with snowmen, she loves snowmen. The 3 with the initals also have LIVE,LOVE,LAUGH on the red side...which looks pink in these pics.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these, they are all brown with the lil polka dots on the back and then the fronts have words on them. All of the cards are distressed.

Remember if you want a chance to win something , suggest a name for my dotee doll!!