Saturday, October 8, 2011

I thought I had things figured out

I planned to start over on my blog...and still do but it might go slower than first planned. I knew I was getting an upgrade on my sprint phone and hoped for a HTC Evo or on Oct 1st I get the upgrade with the discount and on Oct 2 they took it away. Apparently since sprint is getting the iphone they are changing things up. One being no more one yr upgrades. UGH! I've been with them 9 yrs and I feel like a red headed stepchild. Because of no upgrade I'm stuck with the blackberry because I am not paying $400 to $600 for a phone. Its just not happening. Those phones would have made posting so much easier than sitting at this computer and hurting my shoulders. Oh well.....maybe I should ask for an ipad or something like it for Christmas. I don't have a upgrade until Aug 2012 so it will be awhile unless I come across a GREAT deal. 

So lately I have been working, working and working with a little bit of Drex fun and crafting/DIYing in there too. I have these 2 chairs that are getting ready to go through a huge transformation. Bright colors will be a big part of it. I've always stuck to earth tones and I'm ready to branch out with the sunroom and make it bright and cheerful!

Goodbye to the black and gold colors and hello to new paint, fabrics of all sort and flour sacks.

Have I got you wondering?
Results to come soon.

*Thank you to all who have stuck by and still comment me, I know I haven't been around much and like I said I still read just don't comment so much. :(


Stasha said...

Can't wait to see how the chairs turn out!

I want an iPhone or a Droid so badly that I can taste them. But I can not, in any way, spend the amount of money that they want for one.

I can always dream though, right?

Oka said...

Thinking I would be leaving when my contract is up, just saying.

I bet the chairs are going to look great.