Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm backwards and TTT

Last night I posted my wordless wednesday thinking today was Wednesday.....its not, so tonight I will post my Ten Thoughts Tuesday.

1. It is super HOT! 107 today and they are saying tomorrow will be hotter. Its ridiculous and whom ever ordered this weather needs to take it back!

2. I want some chocolate cake....I do not need any but I guess that's why I want it. Chocolate is baaad!

3. I've watched so many past episodes of NCIS and Criminal Minds lately that I'm beginning to think I know these people personally.

4. One of my favorite books ever is coming out as a movie. I'm so excited. If you haven't read it or listened to the audio book I highly recommend it....especially listening to it. BEST audio book ever!

5. Guess I should tell you the name of it...The Help

6. Drex is super! He's still so tiny. He weighs 20 lbs and all these kids born after him outweigh him by at least 5 lbs. He doesn't let being little stop him at anything he wants to do though. He can sign eat, more, drink and some others I think.

7. I think my meds are actually helping now. I just don't get on the computer much cause it hurts to sit there....need a laptop so I can be in my chair and get online....or a iphone.

8. I went to salvation army today and they had 5 buggies (shoppin carts for non Southerners) full of brand new tag still on crocs for $3. Yes I did buy some. :)

9. I appreciate all of you who have contacted me asking if I'm ok. I have missed some of my friends on here and hopefully will be getting back on more often.

10. Hope your all staying cool this summer! Tell me how your doing it?
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Shell said...

Glad to hear you are okay and taking care of yourself!

Drex is such a cutie!

And wow on those Crocs! What a deal.

gayle said...

Great top 10!