Thursday, February 10, 2011

If I didn't work I'm sure I'd go completely insane.....

I have been stuck in the house to many days for over a week now! The sun did come out today and melted a lot of the snow...although I'm sure it will refreeze tonight, especially in the shady areas. I WILL be going to work tomorrow! I might not make it at 9am like I want but I will be there...and if not there I will be at one of the houses I missed because of Arkansas trying to be like other states and getting a ridiculous amount of snow and cold weather. This isn't the "norm" for us!

This weekend we are suppose to be getting temps in the 60s...THAT is the "norm" for us. That is the "norm" I like and WANT!

Seriously folks this weather sucks bad when you have something wrong with you that cold weather attacks. I think of my memaw and her having one of the men in church turn off the ceiling fan above her pew because the air from it made her shoulder hurt. I'd sit there and rub it and truth be told wonder..."Is it really that bad?"
I'm so sorry for thinking that memaw...cause as I sit here and type my shoulder is aching so bad.
I miss you*

OK So there are a few PROS about the bad weather-

We did get the carpet laid in our bedroom! WooHoo!! Did it our self too, saved some money AND it looks good. Makes my room look like it jumped out of a magazine if I say so myself.

I got the closet cleaned out...couldn't let it stay the way it was with the room looking so SWEET!

I started a knitted hat for ...well I don't know who for. It's cute though and it's camo. Maybe a giveaway? Whatcha think?

I crocheted a few headbands for a friend who is having a baby girl!!

I'm sure there are more pros but I can't think of any right now.

The #1 CON would be this crazy headache that will not go away! If I don't stay busy I tend to get stiff because of the AS and I get a headache. Hoping that going back to work tomorrow makes it go away. Not to fail to mention that I miss Drex. His daddy sent me this pic today.

On to something else!

Have you seen my giveaways?
There are 2 of them and I think they are pretty good ones. The Follower LOVE giveaway is here at my blog and it's just for followers....because I love yall.... no really, even my kids know who some of you are. Nikki calls Oka, Ms Oka. That's a compliment.
The other one is a $25 CSN giveaway on Drex's blog.
SO if you haven't checked them out go enter for me and just maybe you will win. 2 giveaways but 3 winners!

Talk to yall later!


Oka said...

I haven't been enjoying our weather much this winter either. The kids have had 6 "snow days" already. I hope we are done with those. No, I pray we are done with those.

I will try and stop by your giveaways in the morning. I am exhausted tonight.

Nikki and you brought tears to my eyes.

sim only deals said...

I will try and stop by your giveaways in the morning. I am exhausted tonight.

Rhonda said...

I think that EVERYONE is ready to get rid of this darn cold weather. I am so sorry that it is keeping you indoors. It just puts me in such a blue mood to be cooped up. We are suppose to start warming up a bit and the sunshine will be staying for awhile. Woo hoo! I am so excited! Glad to hear that you are enjoying your brand new room. It is amazing what the littlest things can do for home.

Tammy said...

Snow is good when it only sticks around for a couple days. We have only seen snow once this year and so now I doubt we will get anymore. The rain is coming and it will be days of it.

Happy Weekend! :)