Friday, April 30, 2010

Some FAST Ramblings and Why I LOVE Karen at TOOTHSOAP!

I can't stay on long...we have tornadoes all around and I don't want my computer to get fried....again!

I started my arthritis meds today...don't know how long it will take for them to kick in but I'm ready!!

Nikki and Chris are leaving for Colorado tomorrow...I am so worried,I hate when my kids travel!! Please pray for safe travels for them.

I won some MORE toothsoap!! LOVE IT!!
More to come on Toothsoap in a moment.

My internet has been out so I've missed a lot of post...hoping I can catch up tomorrow.

My blackberry is acting up tonight... :( WHY!!

Have yall entered the SPA not? Click it and go!!!!

Did yall enter for Shell's book giveaway? I am so jealous cause I can't!! I have to put it on Netflix!

You never know you might get lucky and win both then you can read the book (that I hear is fantastic) while lounging in your robe and slippers that you put on after your relaxing bath with your loofahs and doodads.
(*a lil secret* If I get 60 entries I will have 2 spa gifts to give tell your friends so 2 people can win!)

NOW for my announcement about why I LOVE Karen at Toothsoap.

For everyone who wasn't at the Toothsoap twitter party Wednesday missed a great time and I won $100!!! Yes isn't that great! Supah ask what we were going to do with the $100 if we won and I said it would go toward Drex a good carseat. (Yall do know who Drex is right? If not go HERE.)
Well the next morning I had an email from paypal saying Toothsoap deposited a $150 into my account.....I thought OH NO! Someone messed up!
Then it said they left a note and the note said that after Karen heard what I was spending the money on she decided to give an extra $50 to go toward his carseat!
YALL! I was bawling...I don't use that word often but there's no other way to describe it.
Karen and Toothsoap  has been a huge blessing to me and they have no idea how big. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart and they can expect a pic of Drex in his carseat!
So now click the little Toothsoap ad up there at the top of my blog and go check them out!! Go buy some will not regret it!
I have the cinnamon and LOVE it! get off...I hear thunder.


Oka said...

Can't believe I am tearing up! One awesome lady Karen is. I am so happy for you (and Nikki and Drex).

Oka said...

Stay safe and take care of you!

Stasha said...

That is AWESOME of Karen to send $150! That should get an awesome car seat for Drex!

Big Mama Cass said...

Why are they going to Colorado? That's where I am from. :)

carma said...

that was awfully generous of toothsoap - congrats on your win - your little grandson is going to be pampered :-)

Anonymous said...

That is so cool!
I hope the the meds kick in soon. Good luck! Prayers for you and your kids...

Messy Mommy said...

i've never actually been in a tornado even though we're in warnings all the time. they freak me out!

Rhonda said...

So sweet of Karen to help out with the new car seat. Congrats on the win!