Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ten thought Tuesday

1. Our wal-mart has stopped selling fabric.
2. We were suppose to have warm warm weather today and it did get warm AFTER the cold and rain which I never saw forecasted!
3. A friend on facebook said we have a fabric store in town....will be looking for it tomorrow.
4. I made this purse from a pattern off of another blog last night, Tiny Happy, she has a great site you should check her out! I made the shoulder strap to large and I did not do her instructions justice. I did learn a lot from her though.
5. As I sat there cutting the material Daisy found the one spot she HAD to sit on and fall asleep sitting up. That's her way of saying "ahem...it's bed time." and it was past my bed time.
6. The girls are doing good, Kelly is coming home in June! YAY!!!!!!!! I need a BIG hug from her and if I'm not mistaken I think she needs a few also.
7. Linzy is in his cave, he's doing well also. I guess he's found something funny on tv cause he is laughing.
8. Our temps are suppose o be in the high 70's and low 80's all the way up til Monday....that's wonderful!
9. 9 minutes til Idol....need to step on it.
10. I got my book in to review for Thomas Nelson Publishers, will begin reading it in a day or two then have to blog my review. Anything to get a free book. :)

I'm out!
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klynch said...

too cute love the doggie