Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have been having outbreaks of shingles as far back as the early 90's. Usually I know when they are coming and expect them. This time they kinda snuck up on me. A few days ago I had a little itching & tingling (which is a sign) and then I had like one or two pop up and not bother me much at all. Tonight all the sudden I felt the burn and it is full blown. Boom! Just like that and the most painful I have ever had.
When I first started getting them they appeared on my wrist,weird place to get them. Then they moved to my hip where they usually come up all the time now. I even had them pop up a few times on my knee. Most times they are just bothersome and uncomfortable. I am lucky with that because some people are hospitalized from the pain.

This a google picture of someones shingles...looks like a pretty bad case. Can't show you mine since they popped up on my butt cheek! They are about half as big as my hand this time. *sigh* Anyway for some reason I just felt like sharing,aren't y'all lucky?


~Sandy~ said...

so sorry to hear that..... hope you feel better real soon! have a great week :O)

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh my, that sounds awful. Does that chicken pox vax not help with those? (Cant remember what I read now.)

LittleRed said...

I got those this time last year for the first time. I hope it never happens again!